Dental hygiene in dogs is of the utmost importance.

Poor oral hygiene can cause the loss of some teeth or the development of gum infections. Our pets suffer from pain in the mouth because their gums are infected due to the accumulation of tartar, or they cannot chew properly because they have some weakened teeth (or, even, they have fallen out) it is a dog that will avoid chewing certain foods . This will severely affect your nutrition and general health.

A dog's mouth is an alkaline environment that favors the formation of tartar. Tartar is the cause of most oral problems in dogs.

If your dog shows symptoms such as swollen gums, bad breath or chewing problems, it's time to evaluate his dental cleaning. 

Dental cleaning in dogs is the most effective way to remove tartar.

Teeth cleaning

Small dog

Teeth cleaning

From $70

Medium dog

Teeth cleaning

From $75

Large dog

Teeth cleaning

From $85

Extra large dog

Teeth cleaning

From $95


The price can vary according to the needs and temperaments of your pet. Your dog may need more than one session.

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